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Remote and robotic cameras at the Olympics

Remote and robotic cameras are becoming an increasingly important tool in the arsenal of equipment used by sports photographers in their search for ever more unique images. First, just to explain the difference – a […]

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It’s all over

For those of you who visit my web site with any degree of regularity will see, this is the first blog posting for a very long time. It was just impossible to try and keep […]

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Polo without a horse

As many of you will know for many years I specalised to a certain extent in equestrian photography, and covered both sport and general equestrian subjects in conjunction with my wife Jean, a well known […]

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Fierce looks and makeup

  Many regard synchronised swimming as more of an entertainment than a sport, and to be fair that’s hard to argue with, although it might surprise some to find out that this has been an […]

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Hard water!

You might be thrown by the title of this weeks blog. That is until you imagine being a diver coming down from 10metres up and getting it all wrong. Suddenly that nice soft landing into […]

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World Cup at the Velodrome

This weekend was the UCI World Cup Track Cycling at the Olympic Velodrome, the latest in the series of test events. Now I like to ride my bike – a road bike to be sure. […]

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Hoops, Balls, Ribbons and Clubs

The seconds part of the gymnastics the rhythmic gym tool place this week at London’s Excel Centre, following on from the traditional artistic gymnastics. This sport is the exclusive domain of the girls consisting the […]

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It’s Olympic Year – 2012

We finally have to stop calling it next year’s Olympic Games, it’s now this year’s Games and we are getting closer to delivering one of the best Olympics ever. The test events have started up […]

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The year comes to an end

Well, I am back in Canada after a somewhat protracted trip home due to an aircraft failure at Heathrow.This meant a night in a hotel in Chicago and not arriving back on Gabriola Island until […]

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New Olympic Test Event Series

The next of the Olympic Test Event series is now well underway. The past week has seen the boxing, fencing and table-tennis events running in London’s Excel Centre, their home next year when the Games […]

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Beach Volleyball and BMX

Although some might describe both of these sports as ‘extreme’ it would be for vastly different reasons! I guess that for some the mode of dress of the competitors in the Beach Volleyball might well […]

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Badminton World Championships

This week the shuttlecocks are flying in Wembley Arena at the World Badminton Championships which is serving as an unofficial test event for next years Olympic event. This is not an easy event to photograph […]

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