Stop Iceland Whaling


September 8, 2018

Over 100 endangered fin whales have already been killed this year. – Help stop this senseless slaughter of our largest marine mammals, that are still being hunted in defiance of the 1986 International Whaling Commission’s moratorium. Join the stop Iceland whaling campaign.

Let’s promote eco-tourism to view these magnificent animals over the whale meat trade. The majority of Icelandic whale meat is exported to Japan, the leader in commercial whaling despite it’s contention that it is only killing whales for ‘scientific’ purposes. Much of this meat is then not consumed for years, remaining in frozen lockers. Surely this alone indicates that there is no demand for this product.

Please help the Sea Legacy campaign to stop the whale hunts by signing the petition at

Sea Legacy is supported by some of the world’s leading wildlife and nature photographers.

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