Portfolio review

Are you trying to get your images published or accepted at a photo agency and are receiving constant rejections, or are you just not sure where you are going wrong? I will review and critique a portfolio of up to 20 images and provide you with my written critique on each image.

I will offer advice on

  • Technical quality of the photograph – use of light, exposure, focus, colours, and general technique.
  • Composition – the ‘balance’ of the image, arrangement of visual elements, artistry, purpose, and clarity of the subject.
  • Emotional impact – is the image dynamic and an attention grabber, is it unusual, and/or creative
  • Post processing has the processing brought out the best of the image, and offer advice on ways I think you can improve your processing techniques (or if there is nothing to improve in certain areas I will tell you that and tell you why I think that is the case).

When providing images for critique please send me a brief description of each image, why and how you took it, and your own personal assessment of the image. Please provide the full image file (i.e.) not low resolution copy) as this will include the exif data which will give me the technical settings of the camera at the time the image was made. You may of course have completed your own post processing in whatever computer programme you use (i.e. Lightroom, Photoshop etc.)

Each portfolio assessment is $75 and is usually undertaken within three days of receiving the portfolio.

Images can be uploaded by FTP (full instructions will be sent when portfolio review is booked) or sent on CD or DVD. I do not accept portfolio reviews by email.

Portfolio review

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  • Portfolio review
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