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Image stabilization or fast shutter speed?

Recently while covering the World Junior Taekwondo Championships I was approached by someone asking what my ‘camera settings’ were. I quickly rattled off what I was using “1/1250sec, f2.8. at 4000ISO set manually”. The gentleman […]

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Attila the ‘Hum’ – how to photograph hummingbirds

Since being back in British Columbia we have had our hummingbird feeders out and have seen more of these mini wonders than in any previous year. We have¬†been filling the feeders every day and if […]

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Baseball – a story

Many years ago, long before we ever came to live in North America, my wife Jean and I were sitting in a restaurant in Houston Texas having a meal while en-route to cover another major […]

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Who says sports photography is glamorous?

The last week has been really busy in Toronto, covering three Major League Baseball games and one Major League soccer. Tuesday and Wednesday saw me at back to back baseball games with the Toronto Blue […]

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Shooting Tennis with the Nikon D4s

Last week I worked the Men’s ATP 1000 Tennis Event in Toronto, The Rogers Cup, for USA Today sports Photos and Reuters. Featuring almost all the top male players in the world with the exception […]

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Testing Times

The series of test events for the 2015 Pan Am Games is now well underway and will continue throughout the run up period to the Games. Unfortunately many of these events are not taking place […]

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This weekend saw the start of the Redpath Waterfront Festival, attracting thousands of visitors down to the lake in Toronto, including a wine and spirit event at Sugar Beach, flying men at the 2014 Flyboard […]

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Processing images with NIK software

Beautiful day in Toronto, temperature in the mid 20s, not a cloud in the sky. On days like this my wife and I have taken tolong walks, getting to know the Toronto neighbourhood and one […]

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Bear Photography Workshop – 8 November

Leaving Nanaimo at 6.00 am on Friday 8 November for what would prove to be the last bear photography workshop for this year, I must admit to some trepidation as the weather forecast was not […]

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Shooting shooters – the Olympic Shooting Events

The third and final cluster of Olympic test events is now well under way with the shooting events currently under way and the synchronised swimming over the weekend. Shooting is not the easiest sport to […]

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Hard water!

You might be thrown by the title of this weeks blog. That is until you imagine being a diver coming down from 10metres up and getting it all wrong. Suddenly that nice soft landing into […]

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It’s Olympic Year – 2012

We finally have to stop calling it next year’s Olympic Games, it’s now this year’s Games and we are getting closer to delivering one of the best Olympics ever. The test events have started up […]

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